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The Big Picture

Special Memories Video Montage: You provide the pictures and we do the rest. We’ll create a memorable music videos picture montage that is guaranteed to bring laughs and tears to all your guests. For corporate affairs, we’ll create “The Year-In-Review” highlighting events that occurred throughout the year at your company.** Perfect for the big holiday party!

The Digital Snapshots: We take action shots of the party and bring it to life on the big screen. Everyone gets to enjoy seeing the action that just happened a few moments ago. This collection of action snapshots is kept and attached to the end of the Memories DVD montage and recorded to a CD. Sooo, SMILE!

Music Videos/Audience Participation: Bring your party to a higher level as your Emcee takes you and your guests through audience participation with the dynamic visual aid of videos or actual movie footage on the big screen!

*This does not replace a professional videographer specialty service.

**Arrangements can be made to document major events with prior notice.


A Little something to remember us by (DVD Copies)

Like any great Limited Edition DVD, everyone wants one! Your Memories Montage DVD is just that. A two-part, 2 disc, wide-screen look back at the photos that lead up to your event along with a collection of candid snapshots taken that day to put to music. This one-of-a-kind DVD makes a great gift! It’s as easy as letting the office know how many copies you need.

Need a lot of copies for your Prom, Reunion, Promotional or Corporate Event….no problem!!

Do Our Screen Multiply?

All throughout our website, the crew and staff of CLDJ productions always mention customizing a package for you! Well it also applies to our screens. Every room is shaped a little different (some more than others) which can affect viewing angles of the plasma/projection screen. Or maybe you want to add an extra plasma screen for impact. We have, at some events, used 2 projection screens and others we’ve used 4 plasma screens.

Projection vs. Plasma

More and more, we are using Plasma screens over large projection screens for their ease of placement with smaller space requirements – and for the “cool” factor. But don’t count out the power of the big screens. If you have the space, our big screens definitely give BIG impressions. Our sales staff can help you decide which would work best based on the location and type of event you’re having.

What does 16:9 mean??

Simply put, It’s Widescreen baby! And all of our montages are created in the 16:9 widescreen format so it looks great on your plasma or LCD TV at home. There’s no need to change your aspect ratio on your DVD player or stretch the image to fill up all that real estate on your screen. Just another part of our Plasma/Projection Screen Package that sets us apart from the rest.

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