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Atmosphere, Movement, Creating a Feeling

Lighting sets the mood for just about everything we do. How romantic is a dinner with someone special without candlelight? So what about one of those lifetime moments? Atmosphere at any event is one of thee components that are just as important as spelling on the invitations! Yes, that important.

Lighting is no longer limited to creating a nightclub atmosphere. We can’t “paint” a room with beautiful, vibrant colors and shapes. We offer light shows for every type of event, for every size of room, and for every theme you can imagine. We use lighting to create movement to fit the music being played throughout the entire event. Lighting is also great for ambient effects like “uplighting” for walls. And with some of our larger shows, we can use lighting for spot lights, follow spots, and highlighting special parts of the evening such as a toast or someone being called up to sing a song.

From fashion shows to grand introductions, from every corner of the dance floor, to every corner of your cocktail and reception room…the possibilities are endless! Just ask us how.

Up-Lighting. Why Up?

Placed on the floor against the walls or against ceiling pillars, our up-lighting creates soft ambient colors to enhance the architecture of your event room. More importantly, it helps maintain motion and movement by using smooth scrolling colors. Uplighting is both an elegant and modern way to WOW your guests as they see your room for the first time. Now, if you’re having an outdoor event with a tent, uplighting may be that little extra your looking for. Tents are a blank canvas for lighting. We can even place uplighting around trees for your outdoor reception. And if there are certain colors patterns you like, please let us know.

Why Subliminal?

You may not know this but lighting can be very subliminal. This is one of the reasons we love lighting. Slow scrolling lights on the dance floor or uplighting against the wall while you and your guests are enjoying your courses helps maintain motion in an empty space. Much as a candle does for the center of your table, our lighting does the same for the center of the room.

Does it Make a Difference?

We are asked this question all the time and the answer is, “yes.” We believe lighting done the right way absolutely enhances the success of any event. Using the right lighting for right songs gives the dance floor and your event room a bigger impact. Even been to any live show? Well your event whether it be a Wedding, Mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen, is indeed a “live show.” Actually we should say, “Life Show” being it a part of your life memories. If you’re not sure what would fit your event feel free to ask or sales staff to help you tailor a light show for your event.

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