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Decorating the Guests…

Funstuff giveaways are always a party enhancer. They add excitement to the dance floor and atmosphere to any event. Are you looking for something specific? Don’t worry; we can customize a FunStuff package just for you!

CL Event Entertainment uses different giveaways that are specific to your celebration. Some events are more adult-driven; others are just for kids. And that’s how we put together our packages. Of course we feel every party, no matter how big or small, can have a great time with our “FunStuff.”

What’s Right for My Party?

CL Event Entertainment puts together giveaway packages that are very popular and do a great job for most events. However every event is different; from the location to the amount of guests that are attending and the list goes on. Our packages can be modified by adding or subtracting certain items. You can even build your own giveaway package!

Theme it Out!

One of the best ways to tie your entire event together is with our giveaways. No matter the event, we have FunStuff Giveaways to compliment, energize and excite your dance floor and your guests. If you have an idea and are looking for that something different, let us know. We’re always changing our giveaway packages to keep things fresh and unique. So yes, our screens DO multiply!

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